Rooted 2021 Schedule


Thursday, October 7

12:00pm - Pre-conference Registration

12:00pm - Pre-conferences: Asian American Church

1:00pm - Pre-conference: New to Youth Ministry

3:00pm - Registration/Opening Reception

4:00pm - Conference Begins

4:30pm - Plenary #1 - Russell Moore

5:45pm - Plenary #2 - Sedrick Moore

6:30pm - Dinner and LIVE Podcast Recordings - Rooted Parent and Thanos to Theos 

8:00pm - Plenary #3 - Cameron Cole

9:00pm - Dismissal

Friday, October 8

8:30am - Opening Worship and Plenary #4 - Charlotte Getz

9:30am - Plenary #5 - Rebecca McLaughlin 

10:30am - Workshop Session #1

                    Answering Hard Questions - Rebecca McLaughlin                    

                    Facing Your Fear Without Loosing Your Soul: How the Gospel Equips Us for Our Crisis of Courage -  Russell Moore

                    How to Minister to Kids Struggling with Doubt - Shelby Abbott

                    Recruiting, Developing, and Keeping Volunteers - Josh Hussung

                    The Gospel According to Abraham - Dr. Nicholas Reid

                    The Heart of Boys - David Thomas                    

11:30am - Lunch and LIVE Podcast Recordings - Ask Alice and Rooted Youth Ministry Podcast

1:00pm - Workshop Session #2

                  Bruised Reeds and Broken Body: Responding to the Transgender Debate with Grace and Truth - Andrew T. Walker

                  Getting Hitched to the Old Testament: Jesus and His Bible - Dr. Nicholas Reid

                  Nurturing Resilience in Teens - David Thomas

                  The Dechurched and Ministry to Students - Skyler Flowers

                  This Anxious Age: Finding Rest for Your Family in the Promises of God - Anna Meade Harris    

                  Tribalism, Cancel Culture, and Social Justice - Jason Williams           

2:00pm - The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School Panel and Book Launch Party 

3:00pm - Break 

5:30pm - Youth Ministry Dine Arounds at Pizitz Food Hall (1821 2nd Ave N)

7:00pm - Plenary #6 - Owen Lee

8:00pm - Sandra McCracken Concert

 9:30pm - Dismissal 

Saturday, October 9

8:00 am - Plenary #7 - Tish Harrison Warren 

9:15 am - Workshop Session #3

                   Come and Worship! How to Incorporate Worship in the Home and in Your Youth Groups - Katie Polski 

                   How the Gospel Frees Teens from the Pressure to Perform - Shelby Abbott

                   Politics and the Kingdom of God: Mediating in a Divided World and a Divided Home - Clark Fobes

                   Porn, Can We Talk Yet? - Tal Prince

                   Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! - Owen Lee, Huey Lee, and Soojin Park

                   Working, Watching, Weeping: Teaching Kids and Teens to Grieve and Lament - Tish Harrison Warren

10:30am - Workshop Session #4

                    Can't We Just Go Back to 'The Breakfast Club'? - Alice Churnock

                    Disequilibriation: Methods Behind the Madness of Engaging Middle School Students in the Bible - Kable Cunningham

                    Gospel Formation in an Instant Gratification Culture - Kendal Conner

                    Helping Students Develop a Prayer Life - Kerry Trunfio

                    Place, Proximity, Posture: Rethinking the Way You Do Missions with Teenagers - Philip Walkley 

                    Rooted Across Generations: How Generations Serve and Encourage One Another - Robby Holt

                    Using Rites of Passage and Spiritual Markers in Parenting - Ben Birdsong 

11:30 am - Plenary #8 - Davis Lacey 

12:30 pm - Dismissal

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